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Spread over an area of ​​868,694 m2 on the west bank of the Han River, Sun World Danang Wonder (Asian Park) combines the unique and novel features of the entertainment models in the world with unique culture Asian style. Asia Park consists of three main areas: a modern outdoor amusement park, a cultural park with symbolic miniature art and architecture of 10 Asian countries, and the Sun Wheel - where Interference between modern and traditional features.


Sun World Danang Wonder brings a series of unique games, first appearing in Vietnam. Games often referred to as rollercoaster, overhead train, free fall tower, high speed slide ... will certainly bring visitors many interesting experiences.

Cultural Park opens an exciting oriental space through every cultural diversity, historic architecture and unique artistic and culinary activities of 10 Asian countries: Japan, Indonesia , Singapore, South Korea, India, Nepal, Thailand, Cambodia, China and Vietnam.

In addition, a series of marvelous works such as City Gate, Clock Tower, Sun Wheel, Dragon Boat, Buddha Statue ... are also destinations that cannot be missed at the Central Park of Asia Park. Here, the Sun Wheel rotation with an impressive elevation of 115m, belongs to the top 5 largest revolutions in the world, is considered as a new symbol of Da Nang city.

Not only the games and architecture, Asia Park is also the destination of exciting cultural activities such as performing arts, craft making, folk games, and special cultural festivals.

Coming to Sun World Danang Wonder (Asian Park), visitors do not miss the opportunity to enjoy the traditional dishes of the country in the cultural space of the country itself. Owning a rich chain of restaurants and cafés, Asia Park will definitely bring visitors a new gastronomic space.

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