Hoi An Ancient Town is an ancient town located downstream of Thu Bon River, in the coastal plain of Quang Nam Province, about 30km south of Danang Beach Hotel. Located in the place where converging many branches before flowing to the East Sea, in the XVII century, Hoi An was a big trading port of our country, the trade with foreign countries was very busy.

The devastating rule of time does not ignore anything but it seems that Hoi An is an exception. Entering the old town, visitors of Danang coastal hotel will be amazed at an isolated world, separated from every change of life outside.

There was no boisterous sound, no sound of a roaring engine, nor the brilliant brand of colored lights. Hoi An settles in the beauty of reverence. The ancient wooden folds such as the pagoda bridge, the two-storey old house turn on the Hoai river wharf, the Assembly Hall of Quang Dong, Phuc Kien ... are quietly lulling the songs with nostalgic colors.

Especially every 14 lunar months every month, the whole Hoi An town shimmering under the fanciful lantern. When the electric light went out all at once, all the activities of this peaceful old town were returned to the custom of more than 300 years ago in the dim light, subtly imprinting the ancient time of the lantern.

Visitors stroll through the streets lit by round lamps, Chinese-style hexagons hanging under the eaves and on either side of the door, or Japanese lightings or long tubes with white paper Mezzanine along the row of columns, enjoying the faint scent of enchantment of incense and immersing themselves in the reverberation of temple bells echoing throughout the neighborhood.

Hoi An is also impressed by the special dishes. In the old-fashioned atmosphere of the old town, Hoi An tourists can taste some of Quang's rich dishes such as Bo cake, Mac cake, and Cao Lau at restaurants that keep the image of the early century or street vendors. Food in Hoi An is attractive not only because of its delicious taste but also because its price is very cheap.

In Hoi An, tourists from the coastal hotel in Danang not only enjoy but also directly participate in folk performance games such as hut songs, drills, rice pounding, baiting songs .. .

The beauty of Hoi An is the beauty of peace, harmony between people and dreamy nature.

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